The “Ed-Podcast Course Storyboard” now available!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the “Podcast your school” first project result: the “Ed-Podcast Course Storyboard”

This instructional design document marks a milestone in the mission to integrate podcasting into high school education.

The "Ed-Podcast Course Storyboard" is crafted to serve as the foundational blueprint for the second project result: the "Ed-Podcast online course", the e-learning course on podcasting for educational purposes, the next project step. 

Designed with high school teachers and students in mind, this document outlines a structured approach to developing an engaging and effective learning experience centered around podcast creation and implementation in a high school context.

The essence of the “Ed-Podcast Course Storyboard” lies in its storytelling philosophy.

The document itself is crafted like a storyboard, with characters (the learner protagonists) developed based on the educational needs identified by our high school partners.

Ultimately, this document aims to offer a clear, structured guide for educators and students to leverage podcasting to enhance educational experiences.

By blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, "Podcast your school" aspires to inspire and empower a new generation of educators and learners adept in the art of podcasting.

Download the document here.