Podcast Skills for innovative education

Introducing podcasting into the classroom opens new adventures for interactive and engaging learning, enabling teachers and students to explore subjects through project-based-learning and audio storytelling.


Ed-Podcast Storyboard

The ed-podcast course storyboard is an e-document that describes an e-learning course on podcasting for high schools. This instructional design document, which is storytelling-based, contains learning objectives, learning personas, course structures, and many other useful elements for implementing an e-learning course on podcasting. The ED-PODCAST COURSE STORYBOARD is an Open Educational Resource (OER) free to download from our website. 

Ed-Podcast e-learning course

The ed-podcast e-learning course is an e-learning course designed to train high school students and teachers in podcasting for educational purposes. The course implements the "Ed-podcast course storyboard" instructional design document. Developed by the Nordic Podcast Academy, it provides the essential knowledge for developing project-based audio storytelling in classrooms.

Ed-Podcast project works

In this section, concrete podcast projects developed by high school students under the mentoring of their professors are shared. The projects shared are podcast recorded, edited and published directly by the students with the aim to offer inspirational examples of podcasting in high school contexts.


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